The CONMEBOL Libertadores, also known as the Copa Libertadores de América. CONMEBOL organized It an annual international club football competition since 1960. It is the highest level of competition in South American club football. The tournament named after the Libertadores, the leaders of the South American wars of independence, so a literal translation of its former name into English would be “Liberators of America Cup”.

The competition has had several different formats over its lifetime. Initially, only the champions of the South American leagues participated. In 1966, the runners-up of the South American leagues began to join. In 1998, Mexican teams invited to compete and contested regularly from 2000 until 2016. 2000 the tournament expanded from 20 to 32 teams. Today at least four clubs per country compete in the tournament, with Argentina and Brazil having the most representatives. A group stage has always been used but the number of teams per group has varied.