The absence of a Continental League Cup, an FA Cup, or a Champions League trophy, and perhaps no silverware at all, seems to weigh heavily on Emma Hayes’ mind. Following Chelsea’s thrilling 4-3 defeat to Liverpool, Hayes expressed her belief that “the title is done,” conceding the advantage to Manchester City in the title race.

While mathematically there’s still a chance, Hayes asserted, “I think the title is done.” Chelsea’s recent string of disappointments, including a loss in the Conti Cup final to Arsenal, an FA Cup semi-final defeat to Manchester United, and a Champions League semi-final exit to Barcelona, have certainly taken their toll.

Despite an end-to-end match at Prenton Park, with four goals scored after the 80th minute, Chelsea couldn’t secure the much-needed win to stay in contention. Liverpool’s manager, Matt Beard, acknowledged Chelsea’s vulnerability after recent setbacks, praising his team’s resilience in the face of a formidable opponent.

Chelsea’s third defeat of the season now places them six points behind City, with one game in hand. Their upcoming fixtures against Bristol, Tottenham, and Manchester United will be crucial in their bid to reclaim the top spot.

Hayes made strategic changes to the squad, including Millie Bright’s return from injury, but it wasn’t enough to secure victory. Meanwhile, Liverpool, eyeing a fourth-place finish, demonstrated their intent with a spirited performance.

Despite Chelsea’s exhaustion, they displayed resilience, clawing their way back into the game multiple times. However, Liverpool ultimately emerged victorious, dealing a significant blow to Chelsea’s title aspirations.

Hayes, while acknowledging Chelsea’s fatigue, refused to make excuses, emphasizing the club’s past successes. Although this year may not be theirs for the taking, Hayes expressed confidence in Chelsea’s future prospects.