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A total of 178 teams are expecting to compete in the qualifying system of the 2020–21 UEFA Europa League, which includes the qualifying phase and the play-off round, with 35 teams in Champions Path and 143 teams in Main Path. The 21 winners in the play-off round (8 from Champions Path, 13 from Main Path) advance to the group stage, to join the 18 teams that enter in the group stage, the 6 losers of the Champions League play-off round (4 from Champions Path, 2 from League Path), and the 3 League Path losers of the Champions League third qualifying round.

The 2020–21 Europa League is the 50th season of Europe’s secondary club football tournament organized by UEFA.

The final will be playing at the Stadion Energa Gdańsk in Gdańsk, Poland. The stadium appointed to host the 2020 Europa League Final. But this was moving due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. The winners of the 2020–21 Europa League will automatically qualify for the 2021–22 UEFA Champions League group stage. And also earn the right to play against the winners of the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League in the 2021 UEFA Super Cup.

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